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[Crash] FreezeDetectorRunnable::run using EmuHacker #5085

gregariousjb opened this Issue Feb 5, 2012 · 22 comments


Noticed it happening in accae0c (Rev 43)
Also recompiled and confirmed on 3b10122
No custom patches.


Server.log error that happens with EVERY crash:

/home/source/ptr/src/server/worldserver/Master.cpp:105 in run ASSERTION FAILED:
/usr/lib/ [0x7ffff76b10a5]
/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7ffff5f96d8c]
/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7ffff5ce204d]

To Duplicate:
1) Add the following to your EmuHacker's WEHTeleportList.txt (or just add the coordinates manually within the program itself):

Type:=Quick Add

2) Log into the game (GM or legit account)
3) Open EmuHacker
4) .tele Silithus (you need to be on the same map as the Teleport locations for them to work, in this case - anywhere in Kalimdor)
5) Click EmuHacker's "Teleport List"
6) Double-click the "Crash" teleport location and click the "Teleport" button.
7) Crash.

Also note, occasionally the player doing the crash can be visible in the server.log as something similar to:

PLAYER: Player 37479 discovered unknown area (x: -12914.431641 y: 3485.365967 map: 1

As long as your worldserver.conf has:

PlayerStart.MapsExplored = 0
Lemies commented Feb 5, 2012


Subv commented Feb 5, 2012


@Subv Subv closed this Feb 5, 2012

And the link to this duplicate is...?


Moved to #4433

kaelima commented Feb 10, 2012

It's not duplicate. Different crashes

@kaelima kaelima reopened this Feb 10, 2012

Thanks for the clarification, Kaelima.

Let me know if I can help. Having a player take my server hostage puts a bit of a damper on my day.


Just so it doesn't get lost, here's a copy/paste from the closed thread that will help with troubleshooting should anyone else want to give it a shot:

Update: I found the problem commit that causes this crash: be0b2fc

I've been compiling for hours between August and October to narrow down the issue and my search ended on this commit.

In other words, d7e0190 does NOT cause the crash, and be0b2fc does.

kaelima commented Feb 22, 2012

Also FYI; warden should block any use of EmuHacker.
Crash is still an issue though

Voidx commented Feb 22, 2012


n4ndo commented Feb 22, 2012

well, i think with the warden patch this don't happen any more.

telsamat commented Mar 2, 2012

it is possible to disable accesss on all this unknown areas? with using disables table

Havenard commented Mar 5, 2012

Don't count on Warden to fix it, because Warden still allow use o hack for 5 to 10 minutes.

I confirm this bug and it is still happening.

Subv commented Mar 5, 2012

You could set up the warden config to send 100 checks per packet, im sure it would catch it

Havenard commented Mar 6, 2012

And I'm sure Warden isnt safety guarantee at all. Discarding it from a cheater's worries is as simple as replacing the word "Win" for anything else in the Authserver authentication packet. Attempts to pretend its nothing to worry about are futile, the bug exists and has to be fixed.

blackn1g commented Mar 9, 2012

bump for a high priority issue :>

Voidx commented Mar 12, 2012

ofc is a hight prior...

Dimitro commented Mar 14, 2012

Any news?


Update your core and retest and see it for yourself ...

Dimitro commented Mar 14, 2012

Last rev is crashing, that is the thing I see.

daniik commented Mar 16, 2012

Freezes are coming by many map loads when player is falling down

Set LogLevel = 3 in your worldsever.conf
Start worldserver
Use WEH teleport
And look at log...

@kaelima kaelima closed this in f9caf79 Mar 28, 2012
kaelima commented Mar 28, 2012

Sorry for the wait.


thank you

@raczman raczman pushed a commit to raczman/TrinityCore that referenced this issue Apr 20, 2014
@kaelima kaelima Core/Grid: Fix crashes when closing up to the edge of a map.
Closes #5085
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