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[CRASH] Server crash while rouges pick lock item 16882 #5458

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2012-02-27 12:27:27 ERROR:
/home/wotlk/TrinityCore/src/server/game/Spells/Spell.cpp:1511 in SelectImplicitTargetObjectTargets ASSERTION FAILED:
m_targets.GetObjectTarget() && "Spell::SelectImplicitTargetObjectTargets - no explicit object target available!"
./worldserver(_ZN5Spell18SelectSpellTargetsEv+0x1d2) [0xbb3862]
./worldserver(_ZN5Spell4castEb+0x165) [0xbb5e05]
./worldserver(_ZN5Spell6updateEj+0x161) [0xbb7191]
./worldserver(_ZN10SpellEvent7ExecuteEmj+0x20) [0xbb7690]
./worldserver(_ZN14EventProcessor6UpdateEj+0x64) [0xd508e4]
./worldserver(_ZN4Unit6UpdateEj+0x2d) [0x9ab03d]
./worldserver(_ZN6Player6UpdateEj+0x75) [0x9624c5]
./worldserver(_ZN3Map6UpdateEj+0x162) [0xaf1c02]
./worldserver(_ZN16MapUpdateRequest4callEv+0x11) [0xb02441]
./worldserver(_ZN13DelayExecutor3svcEv+0x2c) [0xd4eb4c]
/home/wotlk/.sys/lib/ [0x7fc911fcadf7]
/home/wotlk/.sys/lib/ [0x7fc911fcbca6]
/home/wotlk/.sys/lib/ [0x7fc911fcbe25]
/lib64/ [0x30dca0673d]
/lib64/ [0x30dbed456d]

Rev commit c9748aa

I cant compile new rev -.-' so.. anyone can confirm it?

TODO: Got item 16882 killing mobs around the world.. or get it with GM help xd
Pick lock that item (requires lv1)
Open Box...


This crash was fixed days ago, git pull and compile again.

@Aokromes Aokromes closed this


Please review it -.-


Ok confirmed, still bugged, now the server not crash but player got "frezeed", cant loot nothing and need to relog to solve that

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