[wintergrasp] Wintergrasp Fortress Towers are not attackable with vehicles #5810

Amit86 opened this Issue Mar 20, 2012 · 12 comments


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Amit86 commented Mar 20, 2012

Hash a06c5f4

Trying to attack one of the fortress towers will result in no damage what-so-ever
Attacking the walls is fine, but the towers aren't getting any damage

Tower example: 190378

durrrr commented Mar 22, 2012


Vasago commented Mar 22, 2012

Here we tried this:

UPDATE `gameobject_template` SET `faction` = 0, `flags` = 6553632 WHERE `entry` IN (190356,190357,190358);
UPDATE `gameobject_template` SET `faction` = 0, `flags` = 32 WHERE `entry` IN (190221,190373,190377,190378);

It was somwhow working but DO NOT SHOW THIS TO KANDERA or she is going to kill me!!!
But at least we know it is in faction again and flags :)

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@Star-lion Star-lion reopened this Apr 9, 2012


Star-lion commented Apr 9, 2012

this is related specifically to the wg branch


Amit86 commented Apr 9, 2012

this isn't a duplicate you shouldn't have closed it

Any idea, hint or hack ?


limcross commented May 28, 2012

The problem it is in Spell Target ;)

Vasago commented May 28, 2012

So any idea how to fix it?


limcross commented May 28, 2012

 bool WorldObjectSpellAreaTargetCheck::operator()(WorldObject* target)  
-    if (!target->IsWithinDist3d(_position, _range))    
+    if (!target->IsWithinDist3d(_position, _range) && !(target->ToGameObject() && target->ToGameObject()->IsInRange(_position->GetPositionX(), _position->GetPositionY(), _position->GetPositionZ(), _range)))
         return false;
     return WorldObjectSpellTargetCheck::operator ()(target);

That works, but not perfect or pretty (referring to the code), but I'm sure @kandera knows what is better. The problem is that you never used IsInRange()

@ghost ghost assigned Star-lion Nov 25, 2012

H4D3S commented Nov 26, 2012

No news?
Hash: e83c5d1


Zedron commented Dec 22, 2012

confirm @ 728ee3e

@Star-lion Star-lion closed this in b44f7cd Apr 3, 2013

boriscom commented May 4, 2013

in Wintergrasp when you make a car to get out of it I can then re-mount please help :)

raczman pushed a commit to raczman/TrinityCore that referenced this issue Apr 20, 2014

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