{Object/Spell} Death's Choice / Paragon #6041

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durrrr commented Apr 5, 2012

I have encountered a problem while playing in any of the game zones.

How to reproduce the bug:

  1. Use "Death's Choice"

What should happen, what happens instead:
"Equip: Increases attack power by 256.
Equip: When you deal damage you have a chance to gain Paragon, increasing your Strength or Agility by 450 for 15 sec. Your highest stat is always chosen." (notice the object / spell data) instead, the proc opens one stuff it does not supposed to. for example: When flying in and out of Dalaran (Restricted flight zone), when changing stances (warrior) and more weird stuff which should not happen.

A link:
http://old.wowhead.com/item=47464 --> The object (Old wowhead)
http://www.wowwiki.com/Death%27s_Choice --> The object (Wowwiki)
http://old.wowhead.com/spell=67771#used-by-item --> The spell (Old wowhead)

I'm running Unix on hash: b23ff22 , TDB 335.11.46+
Addons: AH bot and WG.


wrong data at spell_proc_event :)

durrrr commented Apr 5, 2012

I do not understand.
What's wrong.

Check spell_proc_event table at your world database, and select these spells :) and check procEx, and procFlags..

durrrr commented Apr 6, 2012

Will be done.

durrrr commented Apr 7, 2012

Our info is TDB.

@ghost ghost assigned Star-lion Apr 23, 2012

durrrr commented Apr 30, 2012

Anyone ?


Star-lion commented Apr 30, 2012

UPDATE `spell_proc_event` SET `procFlags` = 0, `procEx` = `procEx`|262144 WHERE `entry` in (67702, 67771); -- Fix proc for Death's Verdict/Choice

try that

@Star-lion Star-lion closed this in 62b1d4b May 10, 2012

raczman pushed a commit to raczman/TrinityCore that referenced this issue Apr 20, 2014

DB/Misc: various fixes from the issue tracker.
	Remove obsolete requirement 'cooking profession' from quest 'Beer Basted Boar Ribs' (thx tifkat) closes #5198
	Fix proc for Death's Verdict/Choice (author: kandera) closes #6041
	Disables quest "Desperate Research" for all factions author trista closes #5285
	Disables scourge invasion connected quests
	Limit Bloodgem Shard use to Netherstorm Cristal Target author: nelegalno closes #4165
	Path of xx and A Change of Heart (Ashen Band rings) author: studioworks closes #2544
	spawn farmer torp author: zxbiohazardzx closes #6256
	Disgusting Oozeling aura author: gecko32 closes #6197
	Mr. Chilly Add aura chilly for Periodic slide
	Update to Change <name> to $n in page text author: gecko32 closes #5930
	Update frost shock and you to only be for shamans. author: whit33r closes #4727
	fixes ashen band of destruction proc author: kandera
	fixes quest credit from Fel reaver no thanks! author: tREAk & shlomi1515 closes #3715
	fix areatrigger for wickerman camp author: boomper closes #3549
	yous have da darkrune should be daily author: kaelima closes #3457
	fix infinite corruptor loot id author: vincent-michael
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