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Some circumstances leads to logical issue with spell effects execution order.
For example:
Spell "Spell Lock" http://www.wowhead.com/spell=67519
it has 2 effects:
Effect #1 Interrupt Cast
Effect #2 Trigger Spell (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=24259) - that spell will cast aura with "Silence" effect

So, normal execution order should be:
1. Interrupt target spell and make global cooldown on its school mask
2. Trigger spell wich will cast "Silence" aura

But what we have:
1. Interrupt effect (SPELL_EFFECT_HANDLE_LAUNCH) is not executed: (it requires SPELL_EFFECT_HANDLE_HIT_TARGET mode)
2. Interrupt effect (SPELL_EFFECT_HANDLE_LAUNCH_TARGET) again is not executed: (it requires SPELL_EFFECT_HANDLE_HIT_TARGET mode)
3. Trigger spell effect executed
4. Triggered spell casts "Silence" effect, which interrupts target's spell
5. Interrupt effect (SPELL_EFFECT_HANDLE_HIT_TARGET) is finally executed, BUT it can't make global cooldown on target's spell, because it was already interrupted bu previous step

That way we have second effect executed before first one

Well, it was some info for thoughts :)

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Any ideas?

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