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Koltira's magic barrier thats casted on you goes down after the first wave/battle.
Thats not so big problem but after the 3 waves/battles with normal mobs Valroth spawns and probally kills u with his magic before u can kill him.

Proposed fix:

  • Either have Koltira's magic barrier up until Valroth is dead OR
  • Have Koltira casting this magic barrier in every battle start.
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Author: stormbyte
I can confirm.
But there is a slight difference from retail too.
When the first battle ends, Koltira gets back to initial state (naked, and without a barrier), and it should NOT happen at all!
On retail: It does not stop barrier until you kill Valroth.
It is a critical mission, since you cannot finish to create a DK without this quest, and can not be completed alone, since without magic barrier, Valroth is just too strong.

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