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[DB\Missing Loot] Cache of the Ley-Guardian #6927

Exodius opened this Issue · 10 comments

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Cache of Eregos (HC entry):
Cache of the Ley-Guardian:

Problem: Cache of the Ley-Guardian is not in loot template for Cache of Eregos.

Suggested Fix: REMOVED, Read Aokromes note.


Incorrect fix:

By Beltane (9,793 – 3·14·51) on 2010/02/06 (Patch 3.3.2) Report

This only drops when you do the instance as the result of putting yourself in the queue for a random heroic: it will not drop if you choose to do the Oculus.


So... It needs the condition?


Afaik there is no such condition, imho it must be coded on lfd system.


will do!

@kandera kandera was assigned

any progress so far?


There should be 2 spawns, on object create instance should check, if is lfg run or normal, but not sure how to do that.


I'm not sure wether this is the proper solution, could you check the sniffs? If you find two different GO entries for the same difficulty, you're right. Otherwise simply modifying the loot mode would be a proper solution.


There are I already checked it before the comment, but I'm not sure how this is supposed to be handled.
191349 "Eregos Cache"
193603 "Eregos Cache" - However this may be connected with smth else - since it has 43668 quest item 1.
The funny thing currently the 2nd one is spawned judging on loot tables.
And if there is any check it should be random check not just regular lfg sign.


One of the gameobjects you posted is used for heroic, the other one for non heroic mode. The quest item you mentioned drops only in one mode.


According to sniff Aokromes shown me, it seems that loot is generated out of the go. So add_item command that use push_item packet is used to all players in the rdf party on go being used.

@Gacko Gacko was assigned
@raczman raczman referenced this issue from a commit in raczman/TrinityCore
@w1sht0l1v3 w1sht0l1v3 DB/Loot: Add Cache of the Ley-Guardian to heroic Oculus loot when RDF…
… aura is present.

Closes #6927
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