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I have encountered a problem in Icecrown Citadel both 10 and 25 mode while fighting Lord Marrowgar.
Lord Marrowgar casts Cold Flame which summons a line of frost which damages whoever is standing on it.
This ability can be avoided by standing on Lord Marrowgar's hit box so the flames will miss you, in other words melees who stand on Marrowgar's hitbox are not supposed to be hit by Cold Flame.
The problem is that Cold Flame still hits the people who stand on Lord Marrowgar's hitbox even tho it shouldn't.
If it would have been working properly, the players who stood on Marrowgar's hitbox would not have been hit by Cold Flame.

Thanks in advance,

Hash: 6a83cd4
Tdb: 335.11.47+

Cold Flame: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=69146

dahod commented Jul 10, 2012

it's true on officiel realm.


gigatotem commented Jul 10, 2012

On the official realms, Standing in Marrowgar's hit box means you're not hit by the cold flame at all.

Confirmed in 25hc on EU Ghostlands.

@ghost ghost assigned Shauren Nov 24, 2012

Lat89 commented Dec 6, 2012

There's another issue with cold flames. Theyre supposed to be ticking once every second dealing damage to you but instead theyre ticking every 0,5 seconds, which makes the encounter a bit more painful. I guess fixing this shouldnt be that hard, at least not for Shauren.
Core up to d3c9029 , no custom fixes.

Confirmed. Its bug indeed.


LuqJensen commented Feb 1, 2013

what lat89 said is true, i believe it might be because he summons 2 cold flames each time he spawns flames. that would also be an explanation to many people's lag on this encounter

@Shauren Shauren closed this in 817f5b3 Feb 1, 2013

Shauren added a commit to raczman/TrinityCore that referenced this issue Apr 20, 2014

Scripts/Icecrown Citadel:
* Fixed Coldflame dealing double damage
* Targets hit by Bone Slice will now be immune to Bone Spike Graveyard
* Fixed healing players on Bone Spike

Closes #1091
Closes #4473
Closes #5854
Closes #7060
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