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Wintergrasp Spirit Guide not working #9035

lvalladares opened this Issue Jan 23, 2013 · 14 comments


None yet

The spirit guides of wintergrasp:
31841 - Taunka Spirit Guide
31842 - Dwarven Spirit Guide

Dont work at all, the gossips text is < erro r> and when you die, it dont revive you

How to reproduce

Start the battle for wintergrasp

Die and release

You'll be teleported to one of this spirit guide, if you talk with him, all the gossips he have says < error > but if you click it, he will teleport you (The action do work)

Also, wait 30 sec for resurrection timer

What should happen?

You Should revive like in any other BG

What happens?

You stay dead, and must fly to your body for be resurrected

Screenshot: http://i47.tinypic.com/2lm49ib.jpg

Hash: 5e367c9
DB: TDB_FULL049_UP_23_01_05

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Vincent-Michael commented Jan 23, 2013

eh check your error.log :)


burnham commented Jan 23, 2013

#8659 something like this.

Yeah, it fix the < error > in gossip, but, what about the spirit guide are not resurrecting? the countdown get to 0 and nothing happen, you should fly to your body and wait for ressurect.


burnham commented Jan 24, 2013

@vamzle, wintergrasp is working very nice, only need a db cleaning. Is easy to comment wrong things.

No fix for this?

@Aokromes Aokromes reopened this Jan 29, 2013

@ZxBiohazardZx ZxBiohazardZx was assigned Mar 4, 2013

@Star-lion Star-lion added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 3, 2013

@Star-lion Star-lion Core/Battlefield: Fix the invisible wall at the end of wintergrasp Cl…
…oses #9422

DB/Strings: fix the error messages from the spirit guides Author Nastrand #9035

@Subv Subv closed this Apr 3, 2013

@Star-lion Star-lion reopened this Apr 4, 2013


Star-lion commented Apr 4, 2013

i only fixed the message i dont know if the spirit guide actually work

Dont work, i checked it about twelve days ago (i dont have the hash right now, sorry) and only work the one behind the fortress, the others dont work, maybe this can be a wrong spell_area?
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Also, as a note for this issue:
I encountered this problem months ago, tried spawning the ressurector multiple different places. It seems to be a LoS or Height issue, you'll notice if you spawn him a few places will work, but a few won;t.

@Subv Subv was assigned Jul 5, 2013

I think is not a LoS or height issue, i think is more a zone or area issue, for example, if you spawn a Wintergrasp Spirit Guide in any point of Shadowsight Tower, The Forest of Shadow, The steppe of life, the chilled quagmire, the broken temple or the central bridge it wont ressurect you, but if you spawn in wintergrasp (i mean, zone wintergrasp, area wintergrasp) or wintergrasp fortress it will resurrect you.

So i think is some area restriction, but for now i cant find where it is.

@raczman raczman pushed a commit to raczman/TrinityCore that referenced this issue Apr 20, 2014

@Star-lion Star-lion Core/Battlefield: Fix the invisible wall at the end of wintergrasp Cl…
…oses #9422

DB/Strings: fix the error messages from the spirit guides Author Nastrand #9035

mik1893 commented Sep 16, 2014

easy fix for this: there are double-spawns of the spirit guides all along wintergrasp.
if you go through the graveyard with gm on, you will see in every graveyard there are 2 spirit guides per faction.
just delete the ones which are not overlapping each other and u are good to go

@Subv Subv was unassigned by Aokromes Oct 22, 2014


Aokromes commented May 26, 2016

IMHO the way to go is remove c++ spawns.


mik1893 commented May 28, 2016

there is probably a need to adjust the process so the fixed spawns are handled from DB and the dynamic ones (depending on faction) are handled by the core.... but not sure, not really a great fan of wintergrasp, no idea how it works

Irome commented Oct 16, 2016

It's been many years since it was first encountered this bug, and there are many people waited until this bug is fixed. There is nobody who is able to solve this problem?

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