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Fix Death Grip when caster is jumping or falling #11648

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Death Grip castable while jumping/falling and it shouldn't do that.

@zabustak zabustak referenced this pull request

Death Grip #432


If I may bring an input.
I believe you can use it on knockback. However, not on consciously jumping and falling down. The difference is that you could jump and fall cliffs down on your own agenda - while a knockback is by enemy input. As a last resort, the death grip is a nice "last choice" cast for the DK against knockbackers while he can not use it to pull lame moves.


@PortgasDAce The report is correct.

I've just tested it on Retail.

Attempting to cast Death Grip while you're jumping or falling will return a "Cant do that while moving" error.


move it into spell_dk_death_grip and correct castresult to SPELL_FAILED_MOVING


Done and also fixed for rooted target


sry about my previous comment, spell_dk_death_grip is not the initial spell of deathgrip, needs new spellscript for 49576
but maybe there is an unknown attribute to handle this


pls try with conditions in db


not possible


what script name you want for initial spell ?


spell_dk_death_grip_initital | spell_dk_death_grip
spell_dk_death_grip | spell_dk_death_grip_effect
spell_dk_death_grip | spell_dk_death_grip_jump

something like that, feel free to find a better name


@zabustak you are alive? :P

@zabustak zabustak closed this
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Commits on Mar 2, 2014
  1. @zabustak

    CoreSpell: Death Grip shouldn't be castable when caster is jumping or…

    zabustak authored
    … falling or target is rooted
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Showing with 14 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +14 −1 src/server/scripts/Spells/spell_dk.cpp
15 src/server/scripts/Spells/spell_dk.cpp
@@ -558,19 +558,32 @@ class spell_dk_death_grip : public SpellScriptLoader
+ SpellCastResult CheckCast()
+ {
+ if (Player* m_caster = GetCaster()->ToPlayer())
+ {
+ if (m_caster->HasUnitState(UNIT_STATE_JUMPING) || m_caster->HasUnitMovementFlag(MOVEMENTFLAG_FALLING))
+ }
+ return SPELL_CAST_OK;
+ }
void HandleDummy(SpellEffIndex /*effIndex*/)
int32 damage = GetEffectValue();
Position const* pos = GetExplTargetDest();
if (Unit* target = GetHitUnit())
- if (!target->HasAuraType(SPELL_AURA_DEFLECT_SPELLS)) // Deterrence
+ if (!(target->HasAuraType(SPELL_AURA_DEFLECT_SPELLS) || target->HasAuraType(SPELL_AURA_MOD_ROOT))) // Deterrence / Root
target->CastSpell(pos->GetPositionX(), pos->GetPositionY(), pos->GetPositionZ(), damage, true);
void Register() OVERRIDE
+ OnCheckCast += SpellCheckCastFn(spell_dk_death_grip_SpellScript::CheckCast);
OnEffectHitTarget += SpellEffectFn(spell_dk_death_grip_SpellScript::HandleDummy, EFFECT_0, SPELL_EFFECT_DUMMY);
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