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SpellWork-inspired tool to aid in research on vehicle related flags and attributes. Written in C#, requires .NET Framework 4.0
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Throw error message when not able to connect to DB.

Cleanup and make better use of disposable objects
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Step 1: Build using VehicleGarage.sln
NOTE: If you do not have Code Contracts installed you should build in RELEASE mode only.

Step 2: Edit VehicleGarage.exe.config in the binary output folder. Enter your MySQL details and path to DBC files accordingly.

Step 3: Place the DBC files "Vehicle.dbc", "VehicleSeat.dbc", "VehicleUIIndicator.dbc", "VehicleUIIndSeat.dbc" in the folder named DBC at the path you specified at step 2.

Step 4: Run VehicleGarage.exe
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