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Releases: TriplePlayPay/API


17 Mar 15:42
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API (in this repository)

  • Completed Dejavoo Terminal integration
  • Added statement API endpoint that includes last 12 months of statements
  • Dates with slashes now properly translated to dash-formatted date: YYYY-MM-DD

Web App & iFrame (Client Tools - not in this repository)

  • Added ability to copy iFrame code from Payment Link Generator
  • Refined notification settings to allow for partner account notifications vs child account notifications.


06 Feb 17:01
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Feb 4 2023

  • Bug Fixes and UI enhancements in portal
  • Fee API logic now per month
  • Statements can now be pulled by month
  • Whitelabel API complete, front end to be released soon
  • Login methods for Twitter and Microsoft now enhanced to flow better.
  • iFrame enhancements for form embedding
  • iFrame enahancement for changing submit button text
  • Enrollment fix for non US addresses


27 Jan 15:24
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Jan 28 2023

  • Onboarding now displays rev share percentage.
  • Added ability in iframe to push either relative path or full URL to iframe.
  • Add meta id's to iframe so we can link encrypted objects.
  • Added rev share field name changes to show ownership breakout of profit.
  • Statement history broken up by last 12 months.
  • Updated onboarding modal titles.
  • Created "Feature Request" button that sends email.
  • Function to see whole JSON of client.
  • Can now run KYC against live clients.
  • Refined onboarding process for ACH.
  • Function to allow clients to auto-onboard.
  • Enhanced notes functionality in portal.


11 Nov 20:22
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Nov 09 2022

  • Terminals Section added to portal for terminal management
  • Refund option added to Reporting page
  • Payment Tokenization added to triple.js
  • Payment Tokenization added to payment page
  • Tip added to api/charge
  • Refunds now show amount in negative numbers in portal
  • Refund/void/return/credit logic using intelligent API combined into one route /api/refund
  • Bug Fixes/ Enhancements to API
  • now online and useable
  • Onboarding Section restructured to allow for highlighting of bank information
  • api/clients now available to get details of all pending and live clients


02 Nov 15:06
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Nov 02 2022

  • Forms: Clients can now dynamically generate forms to show inside an iFrame to capture data from users, this is stored inside of TPP and accessible via the forms api. Form data is captured and displayed if the user returns to the form.
  • Payment Page now can show saved tokens in Credit Card charge.
  • Terminal API has been extended to allow for manual typing of card data, and tips.
  • Portal UI enhancements accross the board, including some help text to define input parameters
  • KYC data now includes PDF.
  • Features not turned on via API no longer error out, but instead gently fail with a "Feature is disabled" message.
  • Bug\Fixes and Performance changes to the back end api code.


26 Oct 12:14
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Oct 26 2022

  • Extended API page. Split out a simple API with a robust extended API for power users and ISV's
  • Dynamic forms: You can now create and show forms in an iFrame and use TriplePlayPay as the repository.
  • Forms API is located in the new Extended API section.
  • QR API now made public
  • Terminal logic now added to all routes.
  • Create new lane for Terminals via API
  • Login caching fixes
  • Portal enahancements include help text, mcc code details and fee explanation
  • Low ticket fee logic added
  • Early Termination Fee logic added
  • Address now available in Charge and Authorize routes
  • Full address will automatically parse


20 Oct 00:04
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Oct 19 2022

  • Wordpress/Woocommerce SDK now added to downloads
  • Client Notes/Log platform launched
  • Subscription UI now auto calculates dates
  • Portal UI enhancements
  • Portal Run KYC now available in onboarding section
  • Added chainable methods to iFrame API
  • MCC code lookup and auto flag for risk: green for good, red for warning.
  • Bug fixes and simplification to client changes with processors
  • Enrollment UI now includes agreed rates.


13 Oct 14:54
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Oct 12 2022

  • Rate settings now split in client per transaction type (card, ach, crypto)
  • Low rate calculation added for low ticket threshold
  • Create Subscription UI now displays a text description of the subscription settings
  • Source detection now included in all iFrame calls
  • Added QR code to create link
  • Added chainable methods to iFrame API
  • WordPress/WooCommerce plugin v1 completed for integration
  • Bug fixes for float handling in risk engine.


06 Oct 17:30
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Oct 06 2022

  • User management in both Admin and Client portals. Clients can now add and manage users access to portal.
  • Users are created in Firebase for Oauth logins.
  • Pricing Split for crypto, card, and ach now available in Client and Onboarding portal, and now is apparent on enrollment form.
  • Admin view as specific client now has more features.
  • UI enhancements on Payment Page that include subscription text before iFrame.
  • Test API now fails on 3.33 transactions
  • Low_Rate fee logic included in fee calculations
  • Charge api route now accepts bulk transactions if sent a list of dictionaries. [{},{}]
  • Backend Completion of Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay
  • KYC enhancements including MCC high risk detection


28 Sep 18:36
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Sept 28 2022

  • BlueSnap Payment Integration
  • KYC Risk Table pulled from JSON
  • Admin Panel can now select/simulate client experience
  • Enroll UI enhancements
  • Fees now split across 3 categories, credit card, ach, and crypto
  • Child Inheritance now pulled during enrollment as separate values
  • Parent grouping now in client tab
  • Amount Fields now searchable as number values
  • API Route to lookup KYC
  • Revenue Sharing Portal enhancements
  • Risk alerts moved to separate thread
  • AWS Cloudbuild, clouddeploy, and fargate cluster management complete.