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This project is not maintained anymore. We managed to get most / all wheels supported directly by
the kernel, so there is no need for this separate tool anymore.
Thank you to all involved hackers :-)
This tool allows you to change various settings of the Logitech racing wheels
-> Driving Force
-> Momo Racing
-> Momo Force
-> Driving Force Pro
-> Driving Force GT
-> G25
-> G27
Available options:
-> set wheel to "native" mode (support separate axes and clutch pedal, H shifter, full 900 degree rotation)
-> Set wheel rotation range
-> Set autocenter force and rampspeed
-> Set ForceFeedback gain
Based on:
- Original "G25manage" as part of the vdrift driving simulator (
- Modified "G25manage" posted by on the lfsforum (
- Various Information & research from vdrift forum:
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