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A simple framework built with Bootstrap and ASP
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#BootstrASP v0.3.5 A simple framework built with Bootstrap and ASP
Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


###Includes Setup.asp - The entire . Do not put scripts here unless necessary (use setup2.asp).

  • Title - Grabbed from strings: [strPageName - strSiteName]
  • META Keywords and Description - Grabbed from strings: strKeywords and strDescription
  • Google Font API - Remove if not required for a (big) performance boost. Placed first to start downloading the font asap.
  • Bootstrap styles - Core Bootstrap CSS
  • Bootswatch - Grabbed from string strBootswatch. See demo-bootswatch.asp for available themes.
  • Master Stylesheet - styles.css - Placed last to override any previous styles.
  • Humans.txt - People and technologies involved in the production.

Setup2.asp - All script files should be launched from here.

  • jQuery - Grabbed from CDN with a local fallback
  • jQuery easing - Grabbed from CDN with a local fallback (used by Fancybox)
  • jQuery mousewheel - Grabbed from CDN with a local fallback (used by Fancybox)
  • Submodules
    - Fittext
    - Bootstrap scripts
  • js/plugins.js A place for your own jQuery plugins
  • js/scripts.js A place for your own non-jQuery scripts
  • Global jQuery options - Put jQuery settings here that will be used site wide.
  • BelatedPNGfix Conditional comment for browsers < IE7
  • inc/dev.asp Scripts for dev use only. REMOVE THIS INCLUDE FOR PRODUCTION
  • inc/global-modal.asp Remove if not required
  • Google Analytics - Optimised async version


  • Area for testing scripts, CSS etc. and calls live.js for designing in the browser - Remove include from setup2.asp for production.


  • Contains the page footer.


  • Useful if you have modal content you want to use on every page (eg site login)


  • Contains page header (site name and tagline) and optionally, a top menu (topmenu.asp). NOT IN USE


  • Addthis (addthis.asp) - Bookmark to multiple networks.
  • Tweet Button (tweet-button.asp) - Edit tweet text and username in inc/strings.asp.
  • Facebook Like (with like count) (fb-like.asp) - Edit URL to your FB page if you have one in inc/strings.asp or set to null in page to apply likes to current page.


  • Contains sidebar content (optional).

Inc/strings.asp - Where all variables are defined. You can set some global variables here and overide them by specifying them in page.


  • Contains side navigation column (optional).


  • strDomain - Fully qualified domain name to the root of the site.
  • strAdminEmail - Email address of the site owner.
  • strSiteName - Website title.
  • strTagline - Company slogan.
  • strUserIP - IP address of page visitor.
  • strBSCSS, strBSImg, strBSJS - Directories of Bootstrap files (just in case they are changed in the future).


  • strPageName - Page Name (usually your target keyword).
  • strCanonical - URL to be indexed (root relative).
  • strDescription - Page META description.
  • strKeywords - Page META keywords.
  • strStylesheet - Stylesheet to use for layout (all other styles are already included in styles.css).


  • strTwitterName - Your twitter username.
  • strTweetText - Text used when the tweet button is clicked. Set to strPageName on each page by default.
  • strFacebookURL - URL of your Facebook page - Set this to null to 'Like' the current page (only if you don't have a FB page).
  • strGoogleAnalID - Google Analytics ID.
  • strGoogleFonts - List of fonts to pull from the Google Font API (seperate with a comma and no space: Lobster,Lobster).

####CSS style.css - Master stylesheet for BootstrASP


  • Script.js
    • A place to put non jQuery scripts.
    • Add class .current - Links pointing to the current page get an extra class: .current
  • Plugins.js
    • A place to put jQuery plugins.
    • externallinks - Any link with rel="external" is given target="_blank"
    • BlockFader - Cycles images with a nice pixel transition effect. See demo-blockfader.asp for demo.
    • Fancybox - Slick pop up overlay for any kind of content. See demo-fancybox.asp for demo.

######Back End Formtoemail.asp - Processes contact forms. Most settings are in inc/strings.asp.

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