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Ok guyz, you have a master degree in Graph Theory, you follow Law of Demeter and you live on S.O.L.I.D principles ?

Let's have some Fun ! (^ω^)


It is a set of CLI tools to help you to analyse and refactor highly coupled classes. As you know Law of Demeter and S.O.L.I.D guidances, you need your classes loosely coupled. And for this, there is one only rule : ABSTRACTION

From Hell To Kiss

This app provides some helpers to add abstraction into concrete classes with minimum pain.

Getting started

Download the PHAR : mondrian.phar

Try to run a simple command with a few files (or a small part of a project)

$ mondrian.phar digraph /home/dev/project

This command produces a DOT file for GraphViz. Other formats are available :

  • html : interactive graph with the d3.js awesome library
  • svg : open standard for vector graphics (requires GraphViz)
  • json : format for d3.js for example

Example with html format

$ php mondrian.php d --ignore=tests --ignore=vendor --format=html ./MyPhpProject/


Note: The generated html file does not require any dependencies nor a connection.


Running unit tests with PHPUnit

$ phpunit.phar

Building the documentation with phpDocumentor

$ phpDocumentor.phar

Building mondrian.phar from the sources with box2

$ box.phar b


Default digraph on trismegiste/dokudoki


Which components are bottleneck ?


Reduced graph to LSP violations on trismegiste/prolog



Read the concept here

Read the online documentation here

And the API here (not up to date)


You can easily add plugins to this tool to make your own algorithm, coloring scheme or new generator. I try to make the API mostly decoupled, re-usable and with great SRP and OCP concerns. Look into the "About" plugin to understand a basic stub of plugin.

Third party

Packages used in this project :

Special thanks

  • William Gibson
  • JS Bach
  • Dream Theater