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What is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything website

Homage to Douglas Adams


Check the result at

and press F5 !

Feel free to contribute

This Silex app belongs to the very strange single serving sites club like :

The single controller scans the directory /views/answer for Twig templates and randomly renders one of them.

Currently you can haZ PureCSS but I will consider to add another CSS framework like Twitter Bootstrap. or Zurb Foundation.

One Rule to Ring Them All

Forty-two (42) must appears on the screen. This can be the number 42 in unary, binary, cuneiform or whatever, as long as you can count 42 : 42 stars, 42 octocats or 42 african swallows...

How to use ?

See the template layout.html.twig in "views" folder, you can check what blocks are avaliable to overriding. You can also extend default.html.twig if PureCSS fits you.

And remember : "Keep It Simple and Smart", by Hell ! The lighter your PR is, the more PR will be merged into this.

Adobe Flash and sound effects with autoplay will be sentenced to slow and painful death.

Opensource only.

What about javascript ?

I will be reluctant to merge PR with tons of javascript except from trusted sources.

Use HTML5 and CSS3 to make fancy animations, that's the challenge (see animate.html.twig for example)


Prefer mobile devices and last versions of modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE >= 10 )