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A schema-based FAQ block for Jekyll powered pages

Rich FAQ blocks are known to be good for SEO, with Google showing FAQs in the SERPs below a website's results.

This plugin requires the following information in your post's front matter:

title: Some title
(some other front matter)
isfaq: true
  - Question 1|Answer 1
  - Question 2|Answer 2
  - Question 3|Answer 3|<p>Optional HTML before this FAQ.</p> 

Then you just need to reference this when calling the plugin:

{% faq page.faqs %}

Finally, in order for Google to recognise this data, you need for the page to be flagged as such in the tag:

{% if page.isfaq %}
<html lang="{{ page.lang | default: site.lang | default: " en" }}" dir="ltr"  itemscope itemtype="">
{% else %}
<html lang="{{ page.lang | default: site.lang | default: " en" }}" dir="ltr">
{% endif %}

You can see an example of this on one of my website's which has an FAQ page.

Google's understanding of your page's FAQ can be tested here.

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