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Simple But Effective Jekyll Lazy-Loaded Image Gallery

For one of my sites, I wanted a simple image gallery which had lazy-loaded images and had a similar look-and-feel to some off-the-shelf image gallery tools. See a demo of it here.

The basic steps to include this Jekyll plugin in your own site is to include jekyll-image-gallery.rb in your _plugins folder, and then ensure the CSS and JS (inside the assets/ folder) are included in your CSS and JS files.

Then you just need to include the following information in your post's front matter:

title: Some title
(some other front matter)
    /path/to/image1.jpg|Some description here for the alt tag.
    /path/to/image2.jpg|Some description here for the alt tag.
    /path/to/image3.jpg|Some description here for the alt tag.
    /path/to/image4.jpg|Some description here for the alt tag.

Then you just need to reference this when calling the plugin:

{% image_gallery page.image_gallery1_data %}

You can naturally use this multple times by having multiple gallery-type data in your front matter, then reference the image_gallery plugin as required in your post.

One important note is that if your image is in /path/to/image1.jpg, it is expected that the thumbnail is stored in /path/to/thumb/image1.jpg.

IntersectionObserver polyfill

The browser support for IntersectionObserver is not 100% just yet, so you can also add the following to your site:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> will only load the relevant polyfill code if your visitor's browser does not contain the requested feature, meaning this is a lightweight bit of JS to include in your site.

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