This lightweight JQuery lightbox script lazy-loads images and clocks in at just ~1 KB.
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A lightweight (1 KB) image lightbox script

This lightweight JQuery lightbox script lazy-loads images (saving bandwidth) and clocks in at just ~1 KB (unlike some other scripts which are 40-60KB not including JQuery).


To see this working please check (where the JS and CSS are embedded in the same page for ease of understanding).

Install Instructions

  • Ensure that JQuery (v3.x) is referenced

  • Include the CSS (from Styles.css) and the Javascript (from Scripts.js) in the page(s) you want the lightbox to appear in.

    • The JS can go anywhere on the page - in the <head> or within the <body>. The $(function() { notation is shorthand for $( document ).ready()
  • Include the two lightbox <div> elements at the end of the <body>:

<div id="lbox" style="display: none;">
    <div id="lboxinner">

  • Then simply add attributes class="lboxImg" data-full-url="/path/to/full/image" to any <img> tags to convert them into lightbox-ready images. When clicked, the image defined in data-full-url is loaded and displayed on the page.