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The aim is to produce instances for solving the multiobjective shortest path.
We provide realistic data based on the actual street network of some cities.

The data comes from OpenStreetMap ( for most
data and from the STRM project of the NASA for the elevation data.

We hope that those instances will allow researcher to test their algorithms
and compare their results with other publications.

An effort has been made in order to provide easy to use data. The instances
are coma separated value files (.csv) that are a natural representation
of a graph.
Furthermore we provide code samples to import those instances directly in some
usual programming languages and libraries.

Please note that the instances are based on actual data, but the model has
been simplified in order to be easy to manipulate. This data
is not meant to be used for real life tools, but for comparing algorithms.

A parser has been provided, so that every user can build an instance on
the region he disires.

A solver implements Martins' algorithm. It is not an state of the art
multi-objective shortest path problem solver, but allows to get a exact
Pareto front.

The following objectives are available
* Length
* Duration
* Positive elevation (we consider that a street going downhill counts as 0)
* Cycling comfort (depending on the type of street)
* CO2 emissions

Modelling the public transportation is not an easy task. Indeed due to the
time dependency, existing approaches vary a lot, and it is not possible to
provide a straight forward model.

Furthermore, real data can generaly not be redistributed.

We therefor rely on the Google Transit Data Feed format, and let every user
model the public transportation as he wishes.

We need to know what you think about those instances and what you use them for.

* Data
    * The elevation data are public domain an can be freely be used
    * The OpenStreetMap data are under the Creative Common licence
* Source code
    * The OSM-data parser in under the GPL v3 licence
    * The csv files reader examples can be used as you wish


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