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Multiobjective multimodal shortest path routing
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Mumoro: MUltiModal MUltiObjective ROuting

This library aims to provide multimodal routing: combining subway, walking and bike.

It is also multiobjective: it finds the best route optimizing according to time taken,
mode changes, CO2 emissions etc.
If there are two routes, the first being faster but emits more CO2 (100% by car) than
an other route (100% cycling), it will return both routes as none is strictly better than
an other.

The lib folder provides the algorithms
The web folder is an example of web application (can be run as standalone web server)

== Requirements ==
On ubuntu or debian, please install the developpment versions
* GCC: C++ complier (other aren't testetd)
* Boost: (used for graph the graph structures and serialization) 
* Python
* Swig: for interfacing python

== How to install ==
# Just run the following command
sudo python install

# Alternative:
# If you don't have the rights to install it system-wide, or don't want to, use virtualenv:
# Create a virtual environment and activate it
python env
source env/bin/activate
python install

== How to run it ==
* grab an osm database either
  * on
      * center on your favorite town
      * clic on the export tab an select OpenStreetMap XML Data
      * if it's gray'ed out, try zooming on a smaller part of the town
  * on
  * on 

Comments at tristramg (a) gmail (dot) com
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