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Triton Kubernetes is a multi-cloud Kubernetes solution. It has a global cluster manager (control plane) which can run and manage Kubernetes environments on any cloud - Public, Private or Bare Metal.

The cluster manager manages environments running on any region. AWS, Azure, Google and Triton (public and private) are supported. If you don't want to use a cloud, environments on bare metal servers and VMWare are supported as well.

View the Quick Start Guide for installation instructions.

Using The CLI

Triton Kubernetes allows you to create and destroy global cluster managers, kubernetes environments and individual cluster nodes. You can also get information on a cluster manager or kubernetes environment.

For help with a command, use the --help flag. For example:

$ triton-kubernetes --help
This is a multi-cloud Kubernetes solution. Triton Kubernetes has a global
cluster manager which can manage multiple clusters across regions/data-centers and/or clouds. 
Cluster manager can run anywhere (Triton/AWS/Azure/GCP/Baremetal) and manage Kubernetes environments running on any region of any supported cloud.
For an example set up, look at the How-To section.

  triton-kubernetes [command]

Available Commands:
  create      Create resources
  destroy     Destroy cluster managers, kubernetes clusters or individual kubernetes cluster nodes.
  get         Display resource information
  help        Help about any command
  version     Print the version number of triton-kubernetes

      --config string             config file (default is $HOME/.triton-kubernetes.yaml)
  -h, --help                      help for triton-kubernetes
      --non-interactive           Prevent interactive prompts
      --terraform-configuration   Create terraform configuration only
  -t, --toggle                    Help message for toggle

Use "triton-kubernetes [command] --help" for more information about a command.