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Monster pack that adds some fire type monsters to game.
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A monster pack mod that introduces several fire type monsters to the game. I felt the game didn't have enough reasons to seek out fire protection, and be scared of fire. This will hopefully become a community drive mod pack as well.

Current Monsters:

Fire Ants - The firey version of Acid Ants that are meant to be highly aggressive, fireproof, and have stingers that inflict painful stings. They are also capable of spitting firey wads of firey spit. Lore wise the intent is there were a species of invasive fire ants that the govt attempted to cull with experimental napalm right about when cataclysm hit, however these fire ants not only survived, but as they mutated like their giant brown ant cousins, their bodies asorbed the napalm, and mutated into true "fire ants".

Fire Zombies:

Ember Bloaters - Bloater variants that are heavily filled with methane gas build up. The intent is for these guys to be highly flammable, and instead of exploding in bile, they instead explode in fire or at the very least leave behind lots of flammable gas.

Volatile zombies - The fire version of acid zombies. Mutations have mixed with Ketosis inflicted bodies causing these zeds to be filled lots of acetone-like liquid. These trolls spit little wads of fire.

Crimson zombies - The red variant of shocker zombies. Malfuncting flamethrower cbms have turn these zeds into frighting flame spurting zombies.

Flame Series Robots:

Exterminator bot - A flamethrower version of securbots. These were designed for controlled burns for when fighting forest fires, and extreme pest control.

Extreminator tank - Tank version of above only larger flamethrower & napalm launcher. Someone saw a nest of bugs in their house, and demanded complete immolation.

Mine Skitterbot - A suicidal skitterbot primed with explosives. These were created for extreme breach & clear.

Incendiary Skitterbot - A Incendiary version of above.

Items: A fire chitin armor set was created for those who manage harvest fire ants. Like the acid ant armor set only fire protection. Also, inert versions of above robots for home use.

THINGS TO DO: -Figure out how to get fire anthills in game. -Fix special attacks of all monsters -Check, and lower spawn rates of fire zeds & robots -Balance passes -Add any other fire type monsters that meet lore standards for the game

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