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A program to manage the marks of students using a SQL database.

Main class:, the program then runs in a window (no output, just modification of the database).

At the moment, it uses a PostgreSQL database to store data.

The architecture of the program includes provisions to use a MySQL database later on.


  • The GestionBilicence.jar file enables to run the interface...
  • The full system requires on a PostgreSQL database, which can be created using CreateDataBase.sql and PopulateDataBase.sql (in GestionBilicence/sql folder). After starting PostgreSQL, type in the command prompt:
create database testdb;
\c testdb
\i path/to/folder/CreateDataBase.sql
\i path/to/folder/PopulateDataBase.sql

NB: even when using Windows, path/to/folder should be specified with '/'.

  • Overview of basic functions:
    • When connecting to the database, select "testdb", use your chosen username and provide your select password (if needs be).
    • You land on the "Statistics" page. It includes several tabs.
    • The default tab is 'Evolution' which provides an overview of a student's marks - use the panel on the left-hand side to select one student and see all the associated marks in the system.
    • The next tab is 'Average': selecting one or several semesters in the left-hand panel displays the students' overall average on the selected period.
    • The 'Success rate' tab is still work in progress.
    • The "Edition" page enables you to edit the basic properties of entries in the database (such as students' name, the available semesters, the exams coefficients...).


  • "csvImport" - package containing the methods to make a csv import.
  • "dao" - package of classes for the DAO design pattern.
  • "edition" - panel used to edit the different objects of the database.
  • "general" - classes used in other parts of the program.
  • "statistics" - panel used to display statistics about the students and their marks.
  • main class in "".

Installation procedure - with a csv file:

Based on import of csv file.

  • In PostgreSQL, create databases "testdb" and "livedb" using CreateDataBase.sql.
  • Create suitable semesters (then save) and at least two Exams (then save).
  • Import csv file, which will populate the Student database.


All rights reserved Olivier GABRIEL and SoGaR 2018.


A program to manage students and their marks.



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