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Alia ChangeLog

Alia v1.0
Initial release
* Added a bash script to start Alia [alia]
* Redid some of the filter functions to do less damage to the input []
* Added an unfilter function to correct text mangling []
* Fixed own nick response and upped the default value []
* Added caps of the first letter of the sentence []
* Corrected several punctuation issues in filter and unfilter functions []
* Added code to fix I and I contractions []
* Added better emoticon support (no more mangling!) []
* Added code to capitialise certain emoticons so they look better []
* Alia will now attempt to rejoin after being kick, if she cannot, she will remove the channel []
* Altered the stealth-mode version reply to be more up to date ;) []
* Better quoted text support added with some untouched emoticons []
* Added better url stripping [ &]
* Added better nick titleing (still not as good as hard coding it, but better ;)) []
* Added self-optimising (self-purging and saving) function at 2 hour intervals []
* Made commands only work for masters even if stealth mode is set []
* Fixed the IRC commands using nicknames (fixes ignore and censored in channels) []
* Redid logging format to look more natural when sent to masters []
* Alia will now remove the corrupt & use the *.dat files instead (happens after a crash) []
* Added a logging function that outputs private conversation (except with Masters) []
* Added timestamps to the outputted log files and added the date to the end of file []
* Added dictionary rebuilding daily to self-optimising function []
* Added IM interface using a modified irc module and bitlbee [ & alia-im]
* Fixed all the dictionary related bugs which caused random quits []
* Added code to strip unknown characters while learning []
* Removed colour and special character stripping code (didn't work right anyway) [ &]
* Modified cfg file generation to be closer to alia's default ones [, &]
* Redid files to create smaller bot logs when using the bash scripts [, &]
* Removed the parts of pyborg we're not using - people who wants the full pyborg can download it.
* Fixed the Zip function in save_all() []
* Fixed the Zipfile error AGAIN! []
* Removed saving functions from the interfaces to prevent saving on quit. [ &]
* Fixed the Zipfile error yet again and removed the *.dat file deletion for a better back up system []
* Made the response delay effect owners too (except when responding to a command) []
* Yet more dictionary fixes and an automated way to delete corrupt zipfiles in the save_all function []
* The last(?) dictionary fix that seems to have removed all errors - FINALLY! []
* Removed lowercasing of learned data from the code. Should get pretty interesting from here on out []
* Alia now only changes her own nick to #nick instead of all nicks in the channel [ &]
* Fixed the the Capitalization bug by actually writing my own routine for it [, &]
* Moved the Capitilization code back into the core and made the regex code case-insensitive [, &]
* Fixed my bug caused by altering the unfilter function within the code []
* Fixed a potential bug and fixed stealth mode code [ &]
* Added the !learn and !teach command and the learning system to make them work []
* Extended new learning system by adding the !forget and !find commands []
* Slightly faster response time for learned responses (.05 faster than normal) []
* Added a punctuation clean up regex for keys used in the learning system so we get better matches overall []
* Added the !responses command to show how many responses the bot has learned so far []
* Altered the auto-optimise function to only purge every day and rebuilddict every week to avoid db corruption []
* Changed the response times again and forced limit of 8 seconds for responses over 40 characters long []
* Messed with the purge, save and rebuilddict times again. Now every 4 hours, 2 hours and 3 days respectively []
* Added a little protection for the known #nick teach bug... []
* Altered the default created entry when there is no qdb.dat to be more functional (it works with hello now ;)) []
* Alia now responds when her nick is used in actions! []
* Alia can now learn and respond with actions! [ &]
* Made commands used in a channel not suffer the dreaded #nick replacement issue []
* Added in some clever #nick replacement tricks to broaden Alia's nick centric responses & cleaned up some bad code []
* You don't want it to replace Alia with #nick in Private messages... []
* Made longer responses have a maximum of 5 seconds delay before being said []
* Unfiltering the teach system's responses like it was supposed to []
* Responds to the lowercase version of own nickname because people don't use Tab auto-completion []
* Split auto-rebuild functions into it's own function in preparation for the new timers system []
* Made the timers threaded for purging, saving and rebuilding of database []
* Change Timers time for saving, purging and rebuilddic to every 2 hours 5 minutes, 5 hours and 3 days 1 hour respectively - This is to avoid them clashing with each other []
* Fixed the locale characters stripping issue by making the regex only strip mIRC control codes []
* Added a check for empty nicknames with the new 'smart' replacement trick []
* Made the timers stop when pyborg closes [ &]
* Compartmentlized responses to ONLY taught responses when bot is in silent mode [ &]
* Fixed the teach system by making it only match words with up to 4 extra letter variations []
* Changed the !find command to return the triggers that match the phrase search []
* Fixed the crash caused by doing actions to the bot introduced with the new regex []
* Added multi-layered responses for any given trigger! []