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There will be no updates to this for quite some time, if ever. As long as one of the members of Troglodyne works for cPanel, this project is more or less permanently on hold due to the employer's stated preference. If anyone wants to take this and run with it, they are more or less welcome to (see

Better PostgreSQL for cPanel & WHM

This Plugin aims to bring extended support for more recent PostgreSQL versions to cPanel & WHM. The approach is very similar to what already exists for MySQL -- we will be installing from community repositories which already build the server for CentOS.

If you like this plugin, consider sending a a few dollars this way:




Two methods exist for accomplishing installs.

End user (stable) installs:

  • Add the Troglodyne yum repository to /etc/yum.repos.d/troglodyne.repo:
name=Troglodyne Internet Widgets

Note that gpgcheck=0 for now, as I have not signed this RPM. For now I'm using https for all mirrors to compensate for this.

  • Install the RPM:

yum install BetterPostgres4cP

  • Enjoy. There should now be a "PostgreSQL Upgrade" page within WHM now for root under the 'Plugins' section.
  • To uninstall: yum remove BetterPostgres4cP

This way whenever I make a new release you'll get it via yum update without any real hassle.

Developer install:

  • Clone the repository using the link in github: git clone
  • Move into the directory it cloned this to: cd better-postgres4cp
  • Run the makefile: make
  • To uninstall: make uninstall

What do I do if I need help?

Hop on the Matrix Chat server for troglodyne. Instructions here: If you can't find the answers you need, feel free to drop an issue in the tracker.

...and last of all, see license terms.


  • Once you upgrade postgres, the global cache for cPanel will no longer think PostgreSQL is installed. I am currently not aware of a way to fix this, but I am looking into it.

Other Ambitions

Why not bring other useful extensions to postgres (like PostGIS)? Why not facilitate clustering or at least PG connection pooling & remote PGSQL?