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An attempt to create a pastebin site that does not suck.

  • Auto-paste into textbox (if you give permission)
  • Auto-copy of link after saving
  • The usual keyboard shortcuts for save/open/copy/print
  • Syntax hilight for editor and viewer
  • Autodetection by file extension and content
  • No extra cruft gets copied (even by Ctrl+A) or printed
  • Implemented with Sanic and Redis in async Python for insanely high performance

No access control. Anyone may edit or delete pastes, if they have the URL. If no filename is provided, a random name is created.

Pastes are deleted after six weeks without views, or when edited to empty content.

Scriptable API

A PUT request to site root creates a randomly named paste, while a PUT request to full URL (with filename) creates or modifies that paste. HTTP 201 Created is given if the paste didn't exist before. Add ?view=0 to have a download URL returned instead of the one for viewing in browser, or alternatively strip the /view part at the end afterwards.

curl -X PUT -d "text to paste"
curl -T your_file.txt

Notice that binary files are not supported and that trailing newlines and such may get altered.