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FOSSA Status

Crypton is a Discord bot for fetching and displaying prices of cryptocurrencies from exchanges through their public APIs and more crypto-related stuff.

Add to YOUR Server

Click here to add Crypton to your Discord server!

How to Contribute

  1. Use the "fork" button and select which account/organization to fork the code to.
  2. Clone your fork to your PC
  3. Make the desired changes/fixes
  4. Push to your fork
  5. Create a pull request with an informative and detailed title and summary
  6. I'll get to it as soon as I can and either accept it into my code or get back to you on what needs fixing!

Contact Me

You can contact me, Trophonix in several ways:


If you'd like to thank me for this and/or any of my other public projects, I would very much appreciate it.


Ko-Fi: Trophonix



FOSSA Status