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Curriculum Management System for the Health Professions

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The Ilios Curriculum Management System addresses the needs of the Health Professions educational community by providing a user-friendly, flexible, and robust web application to collect, manage, analyze and deliver curricular information.

Built by and for the health professions, Ilios supports the sharing of curriculum outcomes and materials among programs, departments, schools and institutions, while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate the unique practices within our diverse health professions community.

Ilios creates a longitudinal and historical view of curricula by tracking events, learning content and activities over time. The system facilitates day-to-day administration and delivery of program, course information and materials to learners, curricular development, review and innovation, while greatly reducing overhead for internal and accreditation reporting. The end result is a unique and powerful tool to create complete and accurate pictures of complex, integrated, multi-year curricula.

Ilios manages and tracks both learners and instructors and their relationships to curricular materials and activities, which enables the tracking of educational hours, roles and role transitions for curriculum participants both internal and external to an institution. Ilios also provides a robust, scalable delivery mechanism for calendar and scheduling information, with direct access via fully-featured user-centric calendars to critical course information, materials, and other educational systems and services, such as online course environments and digital asset archives.

Ilios leverages the power of existing online learning technologies supported at most health professions institutions. Built on open-source, loosely coupled components, Ilios is a modular system meant to integrate with external data sources and systems. For schools already using (or considering the implementation of) online learning systems such as Moodle, Blackboard or Sakai, Ilios provides a backbone of curricular information to make that deployment more robust and to complement the rich online tools, activities and materials already in use.

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For more information on Ilios please contact:

The Ilios Project * UCSF School of Medicine * 530 Parnassus Avenue * Box 0840 * San Francisco, CA 94143


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