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(ns map-tools.core
(:require [clojure.string :as str]))
(declare sift sift* strain-maps extract-id trim-res)
(defn flatten-map
"Take map and return a single level map with vector keypaths as the keys.
(flatten-map {:a {:b {:c 0} :d 1} :e 2})
=> {[:a :b :c] 0, [:a :d] 1, [:e] 2}"
([m] (flatten-map m []))
([m parent-key]
(when m
(loop [res (transient {})
m m]
(let [[k v] (first m)
cm {k v}
res (if (map? v)
(if (empty? parent-key)
(conj! res (flatten-map v [k]))
(conj! res (flatten-map v (conj parent-key k))))
(if-not (nil? k)
(let [k (conj parent-key k)
new-map {k v}]
(conj! res new-map))
(conj! res {})))]
(if (empty? (next m))
(persistent! res)
(recur res (next m))))))))
(defn find-keypaths
"Take map and kv pair and if the pair exists in any level of the map
return a coll containing vectors of keypaths needed to get reach
the value (get-in style).
(find-keypaths {:a {:b {:c 0} :d 1} :e 2} {:c 0})
=> ([:a :b :c] [:f :c])"
[m kv]
(let [fm (flatten-map m)
[k v] (first kv)
fks (filter #(= k (last %)) (keys fm))
fks (filter #(= v (get-in m %)) fks)]
(when-not (empty? fks) fks)))
(defn return
"Return collection of distinct values from maps of a given key or
nested key."
[maps keypath]
(->> maps (map #(get-in % keypath)) distinct))
(defn distinct-on
"Eliminate duplicate maps from collection based on [key|nested-key]
Note: maps that do not contain the key or those which have nil for
the value will be removed as well."
[maps keypath]
(loop [maps maps test-set #{nil} res ()]
(if-let [map (first maps)]
(if-not (contains? test-set (get-in map keypath))
(recur (next maps)
(conj test-set (get-in map keypath))
(conj res map))
(recur (next maps) test-set res))
(defn strain
"Given a collection of maps and a key path, returns the collection
excluding those missing that key in their map. Regardless of value."
[maps keypath]
(filter #(get-in % keypath) maps))
(defn sift
"Filter collection of maps on arbitrary number of kv pairs.
Optional predicate for nested maps.
Example: (sift (comp :address :data) schools-coll {:zip 93722})
Example: (sift teams-coll {:mascot 'Bears' :state 'CA'})"
([coll kvmap]
(sift nil coll kvmap))
([pred coll kvmap]
(reduce #(sift* pred % %2) coll (seq kvmap))))
(defn sift* [pred coll [k v]] ;;Helper for sift fn
(if pred
(filter #(= v (get (pred %) k)) coll)
(filter #(= v (get % k)) coll)))