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Follow along as I learn about Git, Python and Object Oriented Programming
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Follow along as I learn about Git, Python and Object Oriented Programming.

LifeSim is a program that simulates an artificial world filled with artificial life.

These digitial humans live, move around, get hungry, sleep, procreate and more based on the environment around them.

All source code falls under the GNU/GPL v3+ license.

Note about logging to a file: has the ability to log various parameters to a CSV file for later data examination. There are multiple verbosities can give you. Append one as the only parameter to enable.

0:None/off = No logging file will be created or logged to

1:brief = lifelog.csv will be created in the same folder as the program. The following are logged: Turn number Total population

2:standard = The same as brief with the addition of: Population by location

3:verbose = The same as standard with the addition of: Whether or not food is considered scarce per location

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