node.js package for shuffling and dealing decks of cards (or anything else you'd like to shuffle)
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Shuffle is a node.js package for shuffling and dealing decks of cards (or anything else you'd like to shuffle).


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Installation (via npm)

$ npm install shuffle

Quick Start

Using shuffle is simple:

var Shuffle = require('shuffle');
var deck = Shuffle.shuffle();
var card = deck.draw();

Alternatively you can draw multiple cards at once:

var hand = deck.draw(5);

You can also use it to deal cards to multiple hands:

var player1, player2, player3, player4;, [player1, player2, player3, player4]);

The above deals a card to player #1 then player #2 then player #3 then player #4 then back again to player #1 until each player has five cards.

If you need to reset and reshuffle the deck, it is as easy as:

deck.reset(); //sets the deck back to a full 52-card deck, unshuffled

More Stuff

You don't have to shuffle standard playing cards. You can shuffle other stuff too:

var Shuffle = require('shuffle');
var goFish = [{color: 'red', number: 1}, {color: 'blue', number: 2}, ...];
var deck = Shuffle.shuffle({deck: goFish});

You can also supply your own randomizer so that you can supply a custom seed:

var Shuffle = require('shuffle');
var srand = require('srand'); // (npm install srand)
var deck = Shuffle.shuffle({random: function(){ return srand.random(); }});

You can also supply number of decks to play with:

var Shuffle = require('shuffle');
var deck = Shuffle.shuffle({numberOfDecks: 8});

Other deck methods:

deck.drawFromBottomOfDeck() // 1 card
deck.drawFromBottomOfDeck(5) // array of 5 cards

deck.drawRandom() // 1 card
deck.drawRandom(5) // array of 5 cards

deck.putOnTopOfDeck([card, card, card])

deck.putOnBottomOfDeck([card, card, card])

deck.length // integer (# of cards left in deck)


MIT License


Troy Goode (