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At bottom are compiled binaries for OS X (.dmg), Windows (.zip), and Linux (.tgz) to participate in the alpha test. Also included is a single standalone executable jar file for JRE 1.8.

Notable new things to test:

  • aliases have landed: please make one for yourself so we can see how well they work in practice when tagging, mentioning, searching, etc.
  • OS X client now using native web renderer

Included is the web front-end running in an embedded version of webkit talking to an embedded web server that is running in an embedded java virtual machine. The entire app is built directly from source and every bit of code is open and published on github. There are no other dependencies, so you should be able to drop these on a flash drive and run anywhere.

But you can safely ignore all that; all you need to do is double-click to launch the app. (Or on linux, use command line "trsst serve --gui".)

The FAQ is continually updated here:

You can report issues here:

Create account:

  • use the menu at the upper right; all you need is to choose a passphrase; if you want, you can specify your name, description, and profile picture.
  • make your password long and easy to remember; there is no password reset so be sure to write it down or store it somewhere.
  • unless you're running your own hub, leave your home hub as; what you post will get republished on our hub.


  • write a post. you can @mention and #tag your posts. You can specify just the first few letters of a mention and it will get matched to one of the feeds you follow.
  • private posts are visible only to you and each account mentioned in the post.
  • replies copy the public/private state and all mention of the parent post.
  • you will only be notified of mentions made by accounts you follow.
  • you will only see private posts from accounts you follow or by visiting their feed page directly


  • try out the search box at the bottom
  • follow some feeds by clicking the follow button
  • paste rss/atom feed urls in the search box at bottom

Known Issues:

  • memory: running the server and client and embedded runtimes is memory intensive: think ~1GB, so you may not want to leave it running in the background; we are extracting the client so it's suitable for embedding in its own executable or running directly as a web app/extension.
  • you can attach files to encrypted messages, but you can't currently decrypt them.
  • Linux: command-line client works fine, but the web client may not perform acceptably if at all; requires GTK 2.18; if may be best to start the server with the "serve --api" option and connect with your browser of choice; due to platform difference, if you have trouble, you might just try installing JRE 1.8 and running the standalone-jar.