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Central Repository for the Tru Reputation Protocol & associated projects
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Tru Ltd

Tru Reputation Protocol



The purpose of this repository is to host all publicly release code and documentation for the Tru Reputation Protocol including roadmaps, release notes and links to dependent repositories.

Linked Repositories

The following Repositories are leveraged by the Tru Reputation Protocol:

Repository Description
Tru Reputation Token Github Repository containing all Solidity source code for the Tru Reputation Token including the full test suite and documentation source
Tru Reputation Token Documentation Documentation for all source code in the Tru Reputation Token Github repository

Contact Information

Feel free to contact us directly using the following channels:

Tru Reputation Protocol Sub-Reddit

Tru Reputation Protocol Telegram Channel

Tru Reputation Protocol Group Chat

Tru Reputation Protocol Slack Community

Tru Ltd Website

Legal Notice

Tru Ltd is registered in England and Wales, No. 09659526

© 2017 - Tru Ltd

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