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Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations X++ development tools and utilities
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Useful X++ code samples

This repository contains 3 D365FO models:

  • DEVTools - User X++ utilities, providing additional application functionality.
  • DEVCommon - X++ code, that can be shared between different projects.
  • DEVTutorial - Various X++ examples, that can be used to test something or used as a template.

Prefix DEV is used for all created objects.

DEVTools model

It contains user X++ tools, with the additional application functionality. Each tool is located in the separate sub-model.

-Fields list

Fields list form is an extended version of the standard Show all fields form with the additional features such as displaying all fields with the extended information, comparing and editing

Full description: Fields list form. Sub-model name: DEVRecordInfo

-Display system field name in the query filter

This utility adds system field name in the standard query filter lookup and in the "Personalize-Add columns" dialog. So you can search the field by Label(as standard) or by AOT name

Full description: Filter by AOT name. Sub-model name: DEVQueryFieldsAOTName

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DEVCommon model

Elements that can be shared between different projects

-DEV class.

Collection of global methods

-DEVDimensionHelper class.

Working with Financial dimensions

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DEVTutorial model

Various X++ examples, that can be used to test something or used as a template. Elements can reference to DEVCommon model objects

-Blocking in D365FO

Form DEVBlockingTest, table DEVBlockingTestTable(to test SQL blocking issues)

Blocking in D365FO

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  1. Download the Source code from this GitHub repo into the Temp directory on the DEV VM.

  2. Copy DEVTools(or DEVGlobal, DEVTutorial) folder to your package folder (C:\AOSService\PackagesLocalDirectory )

  3. Start Visual Studio and Run compile for the DEVTools folder (Dynamics 365 –Build models.. – Select DEVTools)

If you want to contribute - change the objects using Visual Studio in the DEVTools model, copy the changed elements(xml files) back into the Temp folder and create GitHub pull request from this Temp folder.


Feel free to create issues and PRs 😃

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