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VideoKioskWPF application


This is the simple application with TrueConf SDK control and button.

Some of its features are similar to TrueConf Kiosk, a self-service software solution.

Main features:

  • call to random user from address book by clicking button;
  • shows incoming chat messages on popup with specified display timeout;
  • auto accept all incoming calls and invitations.


Application also contains the Settings page that is opened by adding command line argument -config or using hot keys Ctrl+Shift+F12. The Settings page contains the authorization settings (server, login and password), hardware settings (camera, microphone, speakers), chat messages display timeout setting, logging setting.

Main page

Video Kiosk Main Page

Main page in call state

Video Kiosk Main Page In Call

Settings page

Video Kiosk Settings Page

How to install CallX control in Visual Studio (2017)

  1. Create new Project -> Windows Forms Control Library Settings VS Part 1

  2. Open Toolbox and right click on it -> Choose Items...

Settings VS Part 2

  1. Open COM Components tab in opened window and check the TrueConfCallX Class then click Ok button Settings VS Part 3

  2. Add TrueConf Control to the UserControl and set Dock property to Fill Settings VS Part 4

  3. Build project ->Interop.TrueConf_CallXLib.dll and AxInterop.TrueConf_CallXLib.dll are created in Debug (or Release) folder

  4. Create new Project -> WPF App Settings VS Part 5

  5. Add Reference to dll from 5 step -> AxInterop.TrueConf_CallXLib.dll:

    • Right click on References -> Add Reference
    • Click Browse button -> open Debug (or Release) folder from previous project and choose AxInterop.TrueConf_CallXLib.dll
    • Click Add button Settings VS Part 6
  6. Open toolbox and add WindowsFormsHost control to MainWindow Settings VS Part 7

  7. Set TrueConf SDK as child for WindowsFormsHost control in MainWindow constructor after InitializeComponent:

AxTrueConfCallX tc = new AxTrueConfCallX();
windowsFormsHost.Child = tc;


Now you can use The CallX ActiveX control in WPF Apps

Also see


Video Conferencing Kiosk. Software source code on C#. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Application Development. This Application based on TrueConf SDK for Windows



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