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<h1>Code of Conduct</h1>
<li>I will not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, sexuality or abilities. I will provide and defend a safe environment for all Members and participants during all Club Activities.</li>
<li>I am aware that the consumption of alcoholic beverages affects my perception and reactions. If I consume alcohol as part of a Club Activity, I will do so responsibly, and in accordance with the law.</li>
<li>I will not willfully misrepresent any food or beverage I share as part of any Club Activity with respect to safety or purity (e.g. alcohol content, allergens, cannabinoids).</li>
<p>Code of Conduct complaints should be reported to a member of the <a href="">Club Executive</a>, who will bring it to the Club President. A Code of Conduct investigation will be undertaken, and based on the results of that investigation, appropriate action will be determined. Anonymous complaints are accepted with the understanding that direct follow up will not be possible, and the ability to conduct an investigation may be affected.</p>
<p>The Club's Code of Conduct is continually open to feedback for improvement. Please contact the <a href="">Club President</a> with any such feedback. The history of our Code of Conduct can be found on our <a href="">Github</a>.</p>
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