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Releases for SysUIController
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Releases for SysUIController

What is SysUIController?

A powerful system UI hacker (Requires ROOT, still alpha)

A powerful app lets you control system UI easily. It is alpha now, if you have any questions, feel free to feedback. It will have more features later. (Alpha software which modifies system settings, use it as your own risk!)


  • Add Tasker support
  • Support custom profiles
  • Add more settings item
  • Share & export profiles
  • Log to file

You tell me!

Why not Google Play

After the day I published it to Google Play, it was been suspended from Google Play, the reson is Device and Network Abuse. So I think it won't be available on Google Play forever (as the same package name).

How to download releases?

Open and download the latest APK.

Is it a open source project?

Not now. Maybe I will open it later.

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