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Trump Tracker

Travis license Gitter RSS


Install Jekyll and Bundler:

gem install jekyll bundler
bundle install
rake serve

Site is now running at localhost:4000


rake test


We'd love to get contributions from you! For a quick guide to getting your system setup for developing TrumpTracker take a look at the setup above. Once you are up and running, check out the contributing guide to see how to get your changes and pull requests merged in.

To Do List

  1. Add Spanish Version
  2. Cleaner way to add and handle policies (not hardcode it...)
  3. Fuzzy Search functionality for policies
  4. Comment section -- Reddit Integration (might be too toxic)
  5. Sign up for weekly/ bi-weekly updates when his term begins.
  6. Database for Policies -- top of the agenda
  7. Add Open Source Links and Credits on Footer
  8. Clean up duplicates, if any.
  9. Implement functionality to let me click on the "broken", "in progress", "achieved" categories so I can see which things fall into those categories.
  10. Implement on all policy pages
  11. Add tweet button #47

Also check

Report Issues

  1. Create a pull request or create an issue
  2. Message the Reddit mods at /r/trumptracker
  3. Send a message on Gitter
  4. Otherwise you can fill out the typeform
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