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This repository has been archived by the owner on Oct 28, 2022. It is now read-only.


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Fa programming language

A rys-like stack based, reverse polish notation low-level programming language that transpiles down to assembly


Do not contribute to the python script, it will be deleted eventually, for any ideas make an issue and also in no way is this currently a production-friendly language


Fa programming language is supposed to be similar to rys but fixing a lot of issues it has, the initial name for fa was rys++ but I ended up on fa, this language is going to be self-hosted some time

Try it online

Please don't be an ass on them, don't do stuff that might break these compilers :)

Operating systems fa works on

  • GNU/Linux
  • FreeBSD

System requirements

  • Fasm compiler
  • Python3 (for now)
  • Bash-completion (optional, for completions)

Development requirements

  • Curl

Testing requirements

  • coreutils
    • Tested: FreeBSD, GNU
  • BC

Installation for developing

$ ./scripts/

Testing the compiler

  • Install the compiler
  • Run
$ ./scripts/


Dockerfile was made by @Elijahr2411 ( for basic docker compilation, usage:

docker run --platform amd64 -v {$filename}:/fa/a.fa fa-docker

Where {$filename} is your fa file.