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Netlify Status

For netlify readers: source code is located at

You can host your files here, put them all in files/.../..., remember that they will be public

You could access them though

Permanent hosting

The files might get removed or overwritten if they are older than 1 moth (90 days), but you can specify something like "PLEASE DO NOT DELETE" in the PR, file itself (prefered) and

Hosting rules


  • You cannot make index.html files
  • You cannot host JavaScript that will run automatically on load unless you have a proper warning on the page
  • You agree that all of your files are and will stay under ArArv2 license
  • File names cannot include #, ? or any other url unsafe chars
  • Any illegal material will not get hosted
  • Don't overwrite other's files unless they are older than 6 months and have nothing stating that you cannot remove it (See permanent hosting)
  • Help me remove any illegal or rules evading files because being taken down is not fun

You can host your files by just making a pull request


The files are locally stored on my machine because of github limitations, make an issue if you want any files to be added


Just make a request to /files.json to get a list of all files


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