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Netlify Status

My website's source code.

Customising when self-hosting

  1. Clone the repository: git clone ari-web
  2. Enter the directory: cd ari-web
  3. See the /content/styles/config and /content/js/config directories.
  4. Open it in live server: python3 -m http.server 5500
  5. Go to in your browser
  6. Edit all stuff that is ARI-WEB-SPECIFIC in netlify.toml
  7. Publish on netlify

API hashes

If you want to call to a very expensive API it might become slow, so there's hashes for them, they are sha256 hashes of those JSON files in the api

So what you do, replace all . in the API name with _, then make the request to /api_hash/..._hash.txt and you will get the hash, for example:

Usage API

The usage api has all the statistics I get from netlify, it serves as an archive and growth monitor


    "<YYYY-MM-DD>": {
        "total": <total bandwidth used in MB>,
        "top": {
            "<top usage site 1>": <total bandwidth used in MB>,
            "<top usage site 2>": <total bandwidth used in MB>,
            "<top usage site 3>": <total bandwidth used in MB>

The date is the day I added those stats, total is total bandwidth used up to that point, top is the top 3 site's usage and its keys are the (sub)domain names and the values of those keys are the used bandwidth out of the total

The bandwidth keys are all floats for easy parsing, they represent the bandwidth used in MB

The top sites will most likely not have the total bandwidth fully used, so as a measure you can use this formula to calculate how much per avg sites are using:

(data["<YYYY-MM-DD>"]["total"] - sum(data["<YYYY-MM-DD>"]["top"].values())) / (len(ari_web_sites) - 3)