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Built for serious C and C++ developers


TrustInSoft Analyzer is a static source code analysis platform inspired by the way you develop sensitive code.

From open source to business, you can formally understand, debug and verify code with the confidence that TrustInSoft Analyzer will never miss anything.


  • C and C++ source code analyzer
  • Exhaustive undefined behavior detection
  • Exhaustive debugging with interactive exploration of values of all variables
  • Control and data flow analyses, and functional dependency analyses
  • Exhaustive detection of race condition

The turnkey solution to guarantee that your software is safe and secure

  • Apply format methods to provide mathematical guarantees
  • Static analyses framework with collaborating formal methods
  • Support of many different architectures
  • Better understanding of all the behaviors of your software
  • Get more value of your existing test suites
  • Cutting costs by automating verification tasks


Enjoy our library of free examples:


Newcomers Open Projects Private Projects On-premises



  • Github Integration
  • Verification of test-suites
  • JSON configuration
  • Super simple GUI
  • Community Support



  • Github Integration
  • Exhaustive API verification
  • Flexible GUI
  • Community support

Contact us


  • All benefits of Open Projects
  • Verify your Github
  • Private repositories
  • Dedicated private support

Contact us


  • All benefits of Private Projects
  • Full CLI support
  • C++
  • Multi-threaded analyses
  • Deductive proof
  • Local dedicated Server
  • Dedicated Support
  • Dedicated Training
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Newcomers Open Projects Private Projects On-Premises
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