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# The code for Meta-Classification-Algorithm is based on, the paper
# See:
import numpy as np
from aif360.algorithms import Transformer
from aif360.algorithms.inprocessing.celisMeta.FalseDiscovery import FalseDiscovery
from aif360.algorithms.inprocessing.celisMeta.StatisticalRate import StatisticalRate
class MetaFairClassifier(Transformer):
"""The meta algorithm here takes the fairness metric as part of the input
and returns a classifier optimized w.r.t. that fairness metric [11]_.
.. [11] L. E. Celis, L. Huang, V. Keswani, and N. K. Vishnoi.
"Classification with Fairness Constraints: A Meta-Algorithm with
Provable Guarantees," 2018.
def __init__(self, tau=0.8, sensitive_attr="", type="fdr"):
tau (double, optional): Fairness penalty parameter.
sensitive_attr (str, optional): Name of protected attribute.
type (str, optional): The type of fairness metric to be used.
Currently "fdr" (false discovery rate ratio) and "sr"
(statistical rate/disparate impact) are supported. To use
another type, the corresponding optimization class has to be
super(MetaFairClassifier, self).__init__(tau=tau,
self.tau = tau
self.sensitive_attr = sensitive_attr
if type == "fdr":
self.obj = FalseDiscovery()
elif type == "sr":
self.obj = StatisticalRate()
def fit(self, dataset):
"""Learns the fair classifier.
dataset (BinaryLabelDataset): Dataset containing true labels.
MetaFairClassifier: Returns self.
if not self.sensitive_attr:
self.sensitive_attr = dataset.protected_attribute_names[0]
sens_index = dataset.feature_names.index(self.sensitive_attr)
x_train = dataset.features
y_train = np.array([1 if y == [dataset.favorable_label] else
-1 for y in dataset.labels])
x_control_train = x_train[:, sens_index].copy()
self.model = self.obj.getModel(self.tau, x_train, y_train,
return self
def predict(self, dataset):
"""Obtain the predictions for the provided dataset using the learned
classifier model.
dataset (BinaryLabelDataset): Dataset containing labels that needs
to be transformed.
BinaryLabelDataset: Transformed dataset.
predictions, scores = [], []
for x in dataset.features:
t = self.model(x)
predictions.append(int(t > 0))
pred_dataset = dataset.copy()
pred_dataset.labels = np.array([predictions]).T
pred_dataset.scores = np.array([scores]).T
return pred_dataset
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