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import numpy as np
from aif360.algorithms import Transformer
class DisparateImpactRemover(Transformer):
"""Disparate impact remover is a preprocessing technique that edits feature
values increase group fairness while preserving rank-ordering within groups
.. [1] M. Feldman, S. A. Friedler, J. Moeller, C. Scheidegger, and
S. Venkatasubramanian, "Certifying and removing disparate impact."
ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data
Mining, 2015.
def __init__(self, repair_level=1.0, sensitive_attribute=''):
repair_level (float): Repair amount. 0.0 is no repair while 1.0 is
full repair.
sensitive_attribute (str): Single protected attribute with which to
do repair.
super(DisparateImpactRemover, self).__init__(repair_level=repair_level)
# avoid importing early since this package can throw warnings in some
# jupyter notebooks
from BlackBoxAuditing.repairers.GeneralRepairer import Repairer
self.Repairer = Repairer
if not 0.0 <= repair_level <= 1.0:
raise ValueError("'repair_level' must be between 0.0 and 1.0.")
self.repair_level = repair_level
self.sensitive_attribute = sensitive_attribute
def fit_transform(self, dataset):
"""Run a repairer on the non-protected features and return the
transformed dataset.
dataset (BinaryLabelDataset): Dataset that needs repair.
dataset (BinaryLabelDataset): Transformed Dataset.
In order to transform test data in the same manner as training data,
the distributions of attributes conditioned on the protected
attribute must be the same.
if not self.sensitive_attribute:
self.sensitive_attribute = dataset.protected_attribute_names[0]
features = dataset.features.tolist()
index = dataset.feature_names.index(self.sensitive_attribute)
repairer = self.Repairer(features, index, self.repair_level, False)
repaired = dataset.copy()
repaired_features =
repaired.features = np.array(repaired_features, dtype=np.float64)
# protected attribute shouldn't change
repaired.features[:, index] = repaired.protected_attributes[:, 0]
return repaired
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