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from __future__ import print_function
from aix360.algorithms.die import DIExplainer
from .PDASH_utils import HeuristicSetSelection
class ProtodashExplainer(DIExplainer):
ProtodashExplainer provides exemplar-based explanations for summarizing datasets as well
as explaining predictions made by an AI model. It employs a fast gradient based algorithm
to find prototypes along with their (non-negative) importance weights. The algorithm minimizes the maximum
mean discrepancy metric and has constant factor approximation guarantees for this weakly submodular function. [#]_.
.. [#] `Karthik S. Gurumoorthy, Amit Dhurandhar, Guillermo Cecchi,
"ProtoDash: Fast Interpretable Prototype Selection"
def __init__(self):
Constructor method, initializes the explainer
super(ProtodashExplainer, self).__init__()
def set_params(self, *argv, **kwargs):
Set parameters for the explainer.
def explain(self, X, Y, m, kernelType='other', sigma=2):
Return prototypes for data X, Y.
X (double 2d array): Dataset you want to explain.
Y (double 2d array): Dataset to select prototypical explanations from.
m (int): Number of prototypes
kernelType (str): Type of kernel (viz. 'Gaussian', / 'other')
sigma (double): width of kernel
m selected prototypes from X and their (unnormalized) importance weights
return( HeuristicSetSelection(X, Y, m, kernelType, sigma) )