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Travellers' community. Sharing, hosting and getting people together.


You don't have to be a programmer to participate. Check volunteers page for more info.


Trustroots has a developer portal with information about the API and other methods of interacting with the project.

To work on Trustroots itself, read on! We have two main ways of running the software for development:

Running locally

Install the stack on your localhost and run NodeJS. This approach takes a little more time to setup, and bit more manual configuration, but is super fast, and can be easier to work with. See for details.

Running with Docker

If you are familiar with Docker, this is the easiest and quickest way to get started. See for further details. Running through Docker can be a little bit slower.


We use GitHub for code management and issue tracking. Feel free to create an issue there if you run into an issue setting up the system.

The master branch is bleeding edge development. production is what's running on our servers.

Developer communication

We are using Slack for communications, contact Kasper (kasper at trustroots dot org) or Mikael if you want an account. You can also contact us for an invite without queuing.

In November 2018 we started meta, a Discourse forum. If Slack is too proprietary for you, you're welcome to use this instead.

It's also great if you join the hacker tribe.

Idea: find Trustroots developers in your area, meet up and hack on stuff together.

MEAN framework

MEAN is the Mongo Express Angular NodeJS framework that Trustroots was built upon. Note that (inactive now) and are two separate projects. The former was a fork of in 2014:

Trustroots was built on the version.

Further reading

  • also contains good information about running and creating mock data.


  • The MIT License
  • Photos copyright photographers - several of them are under Creative Commons. Others are permitted to use only with Trustroots.
  • Logos of external communities are copyrighted work and may be subject to trademark laws.