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A variety of utility cogs and fun cogs including Hockey information from the NHL, badge creation from discord user information, starboard for use on Redbot, twitch follow notifications and more.

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Trusty-cogs V3

Red-DiscordBot TrustyJAID Donate to help support more cog creation Subscribe on Patreon

TrustyJAID's Cogs for Red-DiscordBot. To add the cogs to your instance please do: [p]repo add Trusty-cogs

About Cogs

Name Status/Version Description (Click to see full status) Authors
AddImage 1.3.5
Add images for direct upload per guild and globally.Add image for the bot to directly upload similar to alias.
AdventureAlert 1.4.3
Receive notifications from adventure activities!Receive notifications from adventure activities!
APNGFilter 1.0.1
Automatically filter animated PNG's.Automatically filter animated PNG's.
TrustyJAID, Sinbad, and Soulrift
Badges 1.1.1
Create your own badge!Create your own badge with your discord info.
Cleverbot 2.4.2
Talk with Cleverbot!Have your bot respond with cleverbot responses. Supports tweaks to customize the responses!
Twentysix and TrustyJAID
Compliment 1.0.0
Compliment people in a creative wayCompliment people in a creative way
Airen, JennJenn, and TrustyJAID
Conversions 1.2.0
Conversions for currencies, crypto-currencies, and stocks.Conversions for currencies, crypto-currencies, and stocks.
Despite the negative press, covfefeCovfefeify almost any word!
CrabRave 1.1.2
Make Crab rave videos, in discord!Create your very own Crab Rave videos with custom text! This cog requires FFMPEG, moviepy (, and imagemagick to work. This cog downloads a template video and font file which is then saved locally and generates crab rave videos from the template. Old videos are deleted after uploading. This cog may consume heavy resources rendering videos.
DankMemer Team, TrustyJAID, and thisisjvgrace
Destiny 1.5.7
Destiny 2 informationShow Information from the Destiny 2 API. Note: This cog requires downloading a ~160 MB manifest. You must acquire an API key from Select Create New App. Choose Confidential OAuth client type. Select the scope you would like the bot to have access to. Set the redirect URL to https://localhost/. Users wishing to access commands after you have supplied the tokens will be asked to authorize their account on your app. Once they have approved it they will be granted access to use commands.
Elements 1.0.2
Periodic table of elementsGet a plethora of information about elements on the periodic table.
Emoji ReactionReact to messages containing any emojis!
Encoding 1.3.1
Encode messages into various types of encoding.Encode messages into various types of encoding. Encoding types include: DNA, binary, Caeser cipher, hex, base 64, character, and braille.
EventPoster 2.0.4
Admin approved announcments/eventsAllow users to setup and host events to be approved by admins.
ExtendedModLog 2.10.2
ExtendedModLog, track changes made in the server.Log changes within the server using extended modlogs, an extension of RedBot cores modlog.
RePulsR and TrustyJAID
General commandsJapanese faces courtesy of the CIA
Fenrir 1.0.3
Give users the option to kick, ban, or insult themselves via reactions.Create reaction messages to kick or ban users!
Fun 1.3.0
Various fun commands like react, textflip, and regionalAll sorts of commands that users may find fun or useful
Appu and TrustyJAID
FuzzyTrigger 1.0.0
Trigger events via based on fuzzy matching strings!Trigger events based on fuzzy matching strings! Check out and for help setting up the cog. Note: This cog can become quite resource heavy. Optional features are available if the requirements are present such as pillow for image resizing and pytesseract to scan images for text (OCR).
Hockey 3.0.3
Hockey commandsA cog to gather hockey scores, schedules, player data and more!
Hue 1.2.0
Control your philips hue lights with redbot!Lets you control your philips hue lights with redbot.
Imagemaker 1.5.2
Create your own feels!Show how you really feel. Make someone beautiful. Make something illegal.
TrustyJAID, Ivan Seidel (, Bruno Lemos (, and João Pedro (
Imgflip 2.1.0
Recreation of Red v1 meme generatorRecreation of Red v1 meme generator
Twentysix and TrustyJAID
Insult 1.0.0
Insult people in a creative wayInsult people in a creative way goteem
Airen, JennJenn, and TrustyJAID
InviteBlocklist 1.1.3
Block or Allow invite links based on guild ID. Accepts invite links to extract guild ID's.Automatically delete discord invite links from specific guilds or allow only specified guild invites to be posted.
MentionPrefix 1.1.0
This cog allows ping the bot to see the prefixes available.This cog allows ping the bot to see the prefixes available.
Draper and TrustyJAID
Mock 1.1.0
Mock another user!Mock another user! If you need the core dev commands start the bot without the --dev flag and install the loaddev cog in my repo that allows you to replace mock with whatever you choose.
NotSoBot 2.5.0
Some working commands from NotSoBotMagick, trigger and manipulate images with many commands from NotSoSuper's NotSoBot. This cog has a lot of requirements, view the cog for details.
NotSoSuper and TrustyJAID
Reddit 1.1.2
A cog to post updates from reddit.Reddit commands for getting updates on specified subreddits.
Rekt 1.0.0
Get REKTAre you REKT?
ReTrigger 2.20.4
Trigger events via Regular Expressions!Trigger events based on regex! Check out and for help setting up the cog. Note: This cog can become quite resource heavy. Optional features are available if the requirements are present such as pillow for image resizing and pytesseract to scan images for text (OCR).
RoleTools 1.3.4
Various role related tools.Various role utility commands. Including Reaction roles, Sticky roles, and Auto role.
runescape 1.2.3
Show your Runescape stats in discord!A cog to grab Runescape and OSRS stats and profile information.
ServerStats 1.6.7
A plethora of potentially useful commands for any bot owner.A plethora of potentially useful commands for any bot owner. Includes a way to track the bot joining new servers, find cheaters on global economies, get user avatars and even larger emojis.
TrustyJAID and Preda
Spotify 1.6.1
Control Spotify through Discord!This cog allows you to control Spotify via OAuth through the bot on discord. Use [p]spotify to see available commands.
TrustyJAID and NeuroAssassin
Starboard 2.5.0
StarboardCreate a starboard channel to save those amazing posts!
Tarot 1.1.1
General commandsFind your tarot reading, your life reading, or pull a random tarot card!
Translate 2.3.7
Translate messages using google translate!Add flag emojis to messages to translate to that language or translate messages by command.
Aziz and TrustyJAID
Tweets 2.7.1
Cog for getting info from TwitterGets the latest Tweet from twitter accounts and posts them in the specified channels
palmtree5 and TrustyJAID
Twitch 1.3.7
Get basic twitch account information.Get notified of new twitch followers and get basic profile info.
Weather 1.2.1
Show the current weather in specified locations!Check the current weather in many cities around the world including in Kelvin.
Welcome 2.4.2
Welcome new users to the serverWelcome new users to the server or say goodbye when they leave.
irdumb and TrustyJAID

Any questions you can find TrustyBot and myself over on my server or on the Redbot Cog Support server.


Thank you to everyone who has pushed me to think about new ideas and implement them.