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  • Background image by yd from
  • Logo by DJ Viandox from
  • UI from
  • Units from


  • by Avery from
  • by Nekura from
  • by Champion Of Darkness from
  • by Eos from
  • by Pixel Art World from
  • by Lunarea from
  • by Paladin Ramos from
  • by Carpinteyrovzj from
  • by Drack669 from
  • by ayene-chan from


  • by Avy from
  • by Shikashi from
  • by Gamejolt from
  • by bogo-d from


  • by artisticdude from
  • by Kenney from
  • by spuispuin from
  • by qubodup from


  • by tob from RTP-Tunes

#Using Source Code

  • Unity Engine by Unity from
  • 2D Extras by Unity from
  • Easy Save by Moodkie from
  • In-game Debug Console by Süleyman Yasir Kula from
  • MetaSheets Free by renderhjs from
  • DOTween by Demigiant from
  • Pixel UI by Pixelsoft Games from
  • Unity Build by Chaser324 from
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