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This is Editorial, a news-oriented design built around a dynamic 'locking' sidebar (try the toggle to see it in action!) and purpose built for content-centric sites. Originally created by @ajlkn for HTML5 UP and later ported to Ghost





First time using a Ghost theme?

Ghost uses a simple templating language called Handlebars for its themes.

We've documented our default theme pretty heavily so that it should be fairly easy to work out what's going on just by reading the code and the comments. Once you feel comfortable with how everything works, we also have full theme API documentation which explains every possible Handlebars helper and template.

The main files are:

  • default.hbs - The main template file
  • index.hbs - Used for the home page
  • post.hbs - Used for individual posts
  • page.hbs - Used for individual pages
  • tag.hbs - Used for tag archives
  • author.hbs - Used for author archives

One neat trick is that you can also create custom one-off templates just by adding the slug of a page to a template file. For example:

  • page-about.hbs - Custom template for the /about/ page
  • tag-news.hbs - Custom template for /tag/news/ archive
  • author-ali.hbs - Custom template for /author/ali/ archive


This implementation tries to stay as true as possible to the original template without making too many modifications. The original code is unmodified, preserving the ability to update it later.

There are two main changes compared to the original template files:

  • The original template contained separate /assets and /images directories. Ghost Themes require that all assets be nested under a top-level /assets directory, so these are moved to /assets/main and /assets/images, respectively.
  • In order to make minor modifications and add some new custom styles, one additional SaSS file is added under /assets/main/sass/layout/ghost.sass and included at the bottom of the main.sass file.

To work on styles in this theme, you'll need to run a local development environment to build/watch for changes. Once cloned and installed with npm/yarn, the following gulp build tasks are available:

# Build files locally and watch for changes

# Build production zip locally and save to /dist
gulp zip

# Run compatibility test against latest version of Ghost
yarn test

Original template files and design by @ajlkn

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2013-2022 HTML5 UP & Ghost Foundation - This theme is licensed under both the MIT and Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. Please note that the terms of the Creative Commons license require that you maintain the footer attribution to freely use this theme.